Erfi Anugrah



My name is Erfi Anugrah, and I am a photographer.

I would say that I enjoy creating stimulating visuals out of seemingly mundane objects (and subjects) that I encounter every day. One would say that I endeavour to obtain juxtaposition in my images.

Contrasting elements, in my mind, reflect the paradoxes of reality and how (at the same time) it makes complete sense.

I would not go so far as to try to limit myself to genres but classifications do help, you would categorise them as street photography, abstraction or architectural.

In that respect, there is writing to accompany the visuals as well, my musings on occasion. I believe that even a compelling image can on its own carry the story, the written word still has a role to play and could only bring forth what is intended.

And with that I do hope you like it here.