Phoebe & David


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Met this couple on a photo walk. The husband, an excellent illustrator with the ballpoint pen, originally not an artist. He went from politics to being a teacher, and picked this up later in life. The wife, one of the friendliest purveyors of art I have met. We sat down at a beer garden, and talked about each other and got to talking about this very project. They were into it, and were kind enough (and very open I might add) to invite me to their home.

I went about documenting a day in the life of their family. It was a surreal experience, and oftentimes got me thinking about how distant it can be when taking photos, being a part of the ebb and flow of their day, even if just a day, proved to be something I would think about for some time.

Published: Dec 25 2018
Updated: Dec 29 2023