The Ninth


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This is going to be a short one. And I am beginning to feel the chore of writing these, should rethink it as well I suppose.

This was a month of existential contemplation and relational confrontations. I would definitely not look back fondly on the latter. Then again, to say that for the former is also egregious as that is something, at least for me, has been a lifelong process not just for this current period in time. At the same time, the latter is not quite done yet either. It is almost a Sisyphean task to overcome.

I would rather just avoid it or ignore it as much as I can until a sizeable distance can be placed between me and the problem. Not exactly running away from it. The problem is not actually one but something that is imposed upon me as such, resulting in itself a problem that is to be overcome. It is not really worth the effort. I have thought about it, and came to that conclusion.

On to the more interesting things. As you can see from the photo above, you would know I am hard at work editing photos. But definitely, right now, I know I have to think about, or at least, rethink how I approach the zine in itself.

We will cross the bridge when we get there I suppose.

“What matters our creative endless toil, when at a snatch, oblivion ends the coil?”

— Faust, Goethe

Published: Sep 29 2018
Updated: Sep 15 2019